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Why is everyone favoring healthy food and organic products?

It’s pretty obvious now that the self care and healthy lifestyle trend is here to stay. Millennial influencers have to be credited with being a pioneer for promoting organic and ayurvedic products and moving away from harmful chemicals and even companies that are not eco friendly. People who were hesitant before have now realized the importance of “pure and natural” and we think you should too (only if you haven’t already!)

It’s great for the environment

Most natural product companies are conscious of their carbon footprint and avoid using plastic packaging, harmful pesticides, harmful preservatives, etc in their products. Rather they look for more natural alternatives that are good for their consumers and the environment. Many of them are small farmers and small businesses that are working towards being more eco friendly.

It tastes better! 

Not just skin care, but there is a growing demand for healthy food as well. A healthy life sure comes before satisfying your taste buds, but don’t worry as now there are so many convenient and innovative methods available to make healthy food fun! We know taste is subjective but you should definitely give it a try. Even if it tastes bland at times, the benefits are too good to ignore.

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It’s obviously the best for your health 😎

To achieve wholesome health and wellbeing it is imperative to eat healthy and take care of our body the right way. And by supporting eco friendly businesses and companies you are also in a small way contributing to a pollution free environment and a better future for everyone.

It targets the root cause of your problem

Lets take an example, a chemical based anti dandruff shampoo may fix your dandruff for a while; before it comes right back. Meaning you’ll have to continually keep using that product. Not to mention such shampoos can cause a lot of hair damage. But with organic products – where most of the ingredients are natural (if not all) chances are that if you are able to find the right mix of ingredients, it may heal the root cause of your issue.

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What should you keep in mind before purchasing an organic product?

So since you stuck around to the end, its safe to assume that you have decided to switch to healthier and more organic options…. now lets take a look at some points to keep in mind while doing so.

  • When you go shopping for organic products, do not only depend on the brand image, make sure to thoroughly read the list of ingredients. If you cannot understand the names of most of the ingredients, you should avoid buying it. You should not have to google the ingredients of a ‘natural product’.
  • While checking the ingredients try to see which one suits your hair/skin type the most to get the best results.
  • Check out the consumer ratings and testimonials to help make the right choice for you.

In conclusion, as the organic market grows so does the competition amongst brands to get a bigger market share. Make sure to do your research before you buy something so you know what’s truly natural and what’s not. It’s essential to be conscious and aware of what products we use and the kind of food we eat as it has a huge impact on our mental and physical health. Let’s work together in creating a healthy life for ourselves and a more environment-friendly future!


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